Frequently Asked Questions
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What content do you provide?
Musemio provides children an opportunity to explore cultural education from history to the arts. Think Indiana Jones meets museum education.
What technology do I need?
Musemio works best on most smartphones (iPhone 7 and higher, or Samsung 7 and higher, or similar). Because it is a VR app, we are not compatible with iPads.
What age is appropriate for Musemio?
We do not reccomend Musemio for children under 7, and we have had adults as old as 60 explore and love it.
How do I learn more?
Get in touch with our newsletter or via email at
Help! I don't know anything about VR.
At Musemio, we use mobile VR to provide the best user experience for children. With a mobile app and a cardboard headset, any child can explore the wonders of culture. This method is safe, tested, and reliable, as it has been used my major education instituions and corporates like Google.
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