Re-Imagine Cultural Education

Explore the wonders of the past with the technology of the future.
Learn from the best museums across the world.
Musemio allows any child to
explore the world with just a headset
The app is great way to increase your child's global knowledge
Challenges rooted in 21st century curriculum that reinforces creativity, global awareness, and technical literacy
Immersive quests and games that feature stories from history, arts, and culture
Offline content to keep the adventures going through our Learning Packs
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We made Musemio with the support of educators, cultural institutions, and most importantly, kids!
Musemio in Action
How to Adventure with Musemio:
Get your headset ready
We combine digital and physical learning, but first let's prepare to jump into VR
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Explore and learn
Be teleported into a world of wonders and continue the fun with our Learning Packs
Cultural partners are co-creating with us
Children have already joined us to learn during our education beta
Awards Musemio has won for its edtech
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We're changing the future by re-imaging the past
Join the education revolution today
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Musemio is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Search "Musemio" and start exploring today!
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