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Teleport back to 1944 to uncover the secrets of Clapham South deep-level shelter!

London Transport Museum and Musemio worked in partnership to create this new game, already live on the Musemio app. You can travel through time, reliving accounts from families staying in the shelter during the Second World War and discovering their secrets. You will need to find 10-year-old Margaret, and complete a variety of tasks in order to recover the secret passcode to keep the time machine portal open.
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  • Learn More about homelessness with Crisis UK

    Travel back in time with Alex, a 24-year-old woman who lost her job and follow her on a journey out of homelessness with the help of Crisis. 

    Destination home: a journey out of homelessness  is a new virtual reality experience to aid young people's understanding and empathy towards people experiencing homelessness. 
    You can play it using Cardboard VR headset or on your tablet.

    Immerse yourself in a digital world to understand more about the causes of homelessness, ways it can be solved, and how you can get involved in Crisis' work to end it for good.
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  • The Global Kid - the World's First Political VR/AR Comic Book for children

    The Global Kid, a comic book created by NYU Professor Maha Aziz, is entering immersive realms. Meet Tanya and her canine sidekick Lucky as they explain the world today to young children in the new interactive comic. Created in partnership with Maha and AR Market, this virtual reality comic book will get your kids excited and curious about current affairs.
    The Global Kid has already been featured in:
    The UK's School of International Futures' Next Generation Foresight Practitioner Awards (2019/2020) and London Design Biennale (online and the Somerset House exhibit; 2021); Germany's Digital Female Awards (2021 Finalist in Global Hero category); Moonbeam Children's Book Awards (2021 Winner in Comic Book category) and Forbes (2021).
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  • Hellenic IT Museum: Enter Computer Paradeisos and open up the exciting world of the history of computer technology. The new immersive adventure is filled withquests and games that bring fascinating computer science stories to life.

    Players jump inside a computer into a circuit-like labyrinth, learning about computer parts like RAM and motherboards and concepts such as Moore's Law of technology.

    Explore the History of Computing at Home!

    Did you build your own computer or visit the Hellenic IT Museum artifacts in VR?
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  • Did you build your own computer or visit the Hellenic IT Museum artifacts in VR?

    Enjoy more computing fun with our four pages of activities featuring computers and STEM history.
    Find the words below in the word search
    Search for the Computer Parts
    Power Supply
    Graphics Card
    Hard Disk
    Explore the secrets of Ancient Egypt with our VR/AR book developed in partnership with AR Market.

    The Case of the Missing Cleopatra is a first-of-its-kind children's book, , that combines traditional storytelling methods with mobile AR and VR. Children have new interactive ways to experience and learn about Cleopatra's childhood, Egyptian culture, Pyramids and the mummification process.

    Teleport back to Ancient Egypt

    Click to teleport to Egypt
  • Translate your name into Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

    Travel back to the Cretaceous Period to learn about dinosaurs!

    Who doesn't like dinosaurs? Join Mio the Robot in a quest to find the missing Dino egg. After teleporting back to the Cretaceous period, you will even ride a real Parasaurolophus and feed a T-Rex!
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    Musemio Headset
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    The Musemio Headset is the best way to explore Musemio VR.

    With this our VR headset, children can explore all of our levels with the immersive atmosphere of mobile VR. Our headset is easy to use and assemble, and your explorer can even customize it!

    We use the highest quality lens, our headset fits most smartphones.
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    The Case of the Missing Cleopatra
    Be ready to investigate this ancient mystery!
    This incredible collaboration between Musemio and AR Market, your child can experience the story of Cleopatra.

    Cleopatra has gone missing from her Egyptian home! Can you explorer help uncover the clues to find Egypt's favorite queen?

    Suitable for children ages 7 and up, every child can jump into Cleopatra's world, uncover the mysteries of the hieroglyphs, and tackle challenges both in AR and VR to save Cleopatra.

    Included is:
    • 1 Musemio VR headset
    • 1 AR/VR activated book

    And for parents, all you must do is download the free VR and AR apps at home to make this storybook come to life.

    Start exploring today!

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