Terms and Conditions

Your Licence to Use Musemio Software

1. Subject and Scope

Musemio applications for iOS, Android and the Musemio website ("website"), are operated by Musemio Limited registered in England under company registration number 11772596 (referred to in this Licence as "Musemio," "us," or "we"). Our address for correspondence ("Correspondence Address") is: 103c Camley St, London N1C 4PF. Our VAT number is 320 6508 35.

You have been made aware that these terms and conditions apply to the use of Musemio virtual reality software available through our dedicated applications. We provide downloadable materials as a service to you our customer and references to "service" are to the provision of the software including updates and new experience levels that you may subscribe to.

By accessing or using any part of the services, you accept and agree to comply with these terms and conditions. You are expected to ensure that any young person that you assist in enjoying the Services uses the Services in the manner required and subject to restrictions provided in these terms and conditions.

Musemio may amend, change, or update these terms and conditions. We will advise all currently registered users of any change in the licence terms and conditions at least seven days prior to the effective date of the updated terms and conditions.

Updated terms and conditions will become effective following the seven-day notice period or if earlier the first time you access or use the services after the amendments are notified to you.

If you do not agree to the amendments, you may not be able to continue to access or use the services from the effective date of the updated terms and conditions subject to statutory rights that will apply if you have purchased access to any part of the services that are affected by the amendments to the Terms and Conditions..

2. Services and Rights

The services allow you to access and use experiences of a virtual reality nature.

The services you are entitled to access may be limited in extent by reason of the nature of the account, subscription, or trial you have.

The services are provided through a non-exclusive license entitling you to access download and use a copy of the services on a compatible device provided by you at your own cost.

Musemio may change, update, suspend, make improvements to, or discontinue aspects of the services.

Musemio trademarks as well as domain names, logos, trade names, and other features of the Musemio trademark are under the sole ownership of Musemio. Access or use of the services does not grant or provide you with the right or license to reproduce or otherwise use domain names, logos, trade names, and other features of the Musemio trademark.

3. Registration

To access and use the services you must have a current account with Musemio. You will be prompted to provide information enabling the account to be established at the time of registration. Please review our privacy notice to understand how we manage your personal data.

You may use your email address along with a self-determined password [or a single sign-on application provided by third parties such as Facebook or Google] to create an account.

You are required to maintain the confidentiality of your password and other information related to the security of your account.

You agree to provide accurate, complete, and current information about you as requested by Musemio.

To create an account, you are required to be at least eighteen years of age. Musemio has the right to make its services subject to appropriate proof of identity and age of the person registering.

4. Subscription

Musemio may offers paid for subscriptions to additional elements of the service and such subscriptions are renewable as we advise you at the time you enter into the subscription. Renewal may be automatic unless you choose to cancel before the start of the next charging period. See section 8.4 for more information. We will always inform you of the charges applicable upon renewal if these change.

Where a subscription is required this enables you to access and use the scope of the services covered by the subscription for the subscription period or if we so provide for so long as this licence continues between us.

To enter into a subscription through the website, we will ask for your credit card information, and confirm your purchase, upon which you will receive a receipt via email. As the person registered as our customer you are solely responsible for all charges made against you account and we caution you not to provide charge card information for use by any child that you allow to access the services.

To enter into a subscription through the apps ("in-app subscription"),when you confirm your purchase, you will receive a receipt via email. In-app subscriptions use the in-app purchase functionality of the App Store on iOS.

5. Trials

Musemio may occasionally offer you to access and use a specific scope of the services for trial purposes ("trials") for a variety of periods ("trial periods").

Musemio may, in its sole discretion, determine your eligibility for a trial and suspend or discontinue trials at any time.

To start a trial, you may be required to provide your charge card information on the websites or use the in-app trial functionality of the app stores within the apps and confirm your trial.

Your trial may convert into a subscription after the trial period. In such a case, the subscription period will be part of the information provided in the trial offer.

To prevent a trial from converting into a subscription, you may terminate the trial within the trial period on the websites or within the app stores.

6. Promotional Codes

Musemio may occasionally offer you promotional codes to purchase subscriptions at a reduced fee ("promotional codes").

Musemio may, in its sole discretion, determine your eligibility for a promotional code and suspend or discontinue codes at any time.

Codes cannot be redeemed for cash, refunded, exchanged, or used for other purchases than stipulated in the offer.

Specific provisions relating to the code may apply in addition to these terms and conditions. If these provisions stipulate a period of validity, the reduced fee shall only apply for this period and increase to the regular fee upon expiration of the period of validity.

7. Cancellation

If you have purchased access to services subject to charges on the websites as a consumer, you have the right to revoke this contract within fourteen days without the need to specify reasons but you must read and act in accordance with the following provisions of this section 7. Do not download any software purchased if you wish to exercise your right of cancellation.

The cancellation right will exist for a period of fourteen days from the day of the purchase.

To exercise your revocation right, you are required to notify Musemio at the Correspondence Address or info@musemio.com making clear that you are exercising your right of cancellation.

Dispatch of the cancellation notification before the cancellation period expires is sufficient to meet the deadline.

Consequences of Cancellation
If you cancel this contract, Musemio will refund your purchase by no later than fourteen days from the day of receipt of the cancelation notification using the same payment method for the refund that you have used for the original transaction, unless an alternative method has been stipulated with you and we can reasonably make the refund by that means.

Cancellation Notification Template

If you wish to revoke the contract, please complete and return the following notice to the Correspondence Address or email a copy of the notice to info@musemio.com:

I hereby revoke the contract concluded by me regarding the performance of the following service:

Ordered on:
Signature (if provided on paper)

8. Payments

The conclusion of a subscription is subject to payment of charges ("payment").

If you have purchased a subscription on the websites, payment will be made using the charge card information you provided upon entering into the subscription.

If you have purchased the subscription within the apps, payment will be made through the in-app purchase functionality as provided by the app store.

Your payment obligation will renew alongside your subscription at the end of the subscription period, unless you t erminate your subscription at least twenty-four hours prior to the end of the subscription period.

9. Termination

The services start at the time of registration.

You can terminate the services at any time. For this purpose, you are required to delete your account in your account settings on the websites.

You can terminate a subscription you have purchased on the websites in your account settings on those websites.

You can terminate an in-app subscription within the app stores.

A termination of the subscription will become effective the day after the last day of the subscription period and your account will be converted to a free account.

If you intend to delete your account, you can do so in your account settings on the websites. In such a case, your account and personal information will be irrevocably deleted, regardless of whether there are any active subscriptions.

10. Limitation on Types of Damages and Liability

Musemio is not liable for user damage claims and only liable for damages arising from death or personal injury or any fraudulent act on the part of Musemio and any other circumstances in which under law we may not exclude liability.

In the event of any material breach of contractual duties and subject to Section 10.1,, Musemio is only liable for the contractual and typically foreseeable damages if these were caused by Musemio negligence.

11. Miscellaneous

If one provision of these terms and conditions shall be deemed as void, the remainder of the terms and conditions shall remain in full force. If applicable, the void provision shall be replaced by the statutory provisions.

The laws of England shall apply, excluding the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG). Statutory provisions (especially consumer protection provisions) as legally required by your country of residence shall remain unaffected by this section 11.2.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes, directly or indirectly resulting from the contractual relationship, shall be England and Wales.

Any questions, please contact info@musemio.com
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